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The food sustainability challenge

Animal meal

Demand for fish meal is expected to outspace supply by 5 million tons by 2024.


The world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050.

Plant meal

Demand for soya meal is expected to raise year on year.

Global food waste crisis


We lose or waste 30% of all food produced globally which equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes a year.


Annual cost of global food is estimated to be $990 billion way into landfills


Most of the food waste finds its and produces methane. Which is 25 times more potent green house gas than the CO2.

According to the FAO, if food wastage were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitting country in the world after China and the USA. The world urgently needs a sustainable solution to tackle food waste.


Benefits of insect based food & feed

  • Our mealworms feed on organic biproducts or ‘waste’, require minimal water (0.0006 L/kg), and grow at 5000x the acre yield of soy. Unlike fishmeal, our products contain no heavy metals or contaminants, because we control every step of the process.
  • Insects are part of the natural diet of both wild pigs and poultry. 
  • They constitute up to 10% of a bird’s natural nutrition, rising to 50% for some birds, such as turkeys.  
  • Molitor and Buffalo mealworms contain all the amino acids needed for optimal development, as well as having a protein content of 72%.   
  • In chickens, the consumption of insects can decrease pathogens and improve resistance to stress. 
  • In piglets, the consumption of insects can benefit health during the weaning phase.

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Process & Technology chart

Our products

Aqua feed

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing animal production. Fishmeal, the main source of food for aquaculture fish, is a premium nutritional ingredient. However, it is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the decrease in fish stocks. Depending on types of fish feeds, sinking feeds can be made on pelleting. Pellet mill can only make fast sinking feeds; however, we offer more products with characteristics ranging from fast sinking, slow sinking, and floating. The lack of sustainable solutions for aquaculture has a negative impact on prices and availability for consumers. Thus, at Larval our insect’s protein offer a premium alternative and are becoming a substantial resource.

Farm feed

On the 18th of August, 2021, the EU Commission adopted the decision to amend the ban on PAP use in pig and poultry feed, meaning that insect-based ingredients can now serve the sector. The decision is based on the scientific opinion from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). As the world’s biggest consumers of feed, this new regulation on pigs and poultry represents a huge breakthrough for the insect industry that Larval will fully embrace in its business activities.  Larval has identified the source and developed pig and poultry feed pellets that can complementarily meet the needs.

Pet food

Pets need healthy and balanced nutrition. Therefore, they need proteins that meet their strict nutritional requirements and high-quality fatty acids to keep them healthy. Larval product Pet Food meet these needs with aplomb! They are highly digestible and have a great taste sensation that characterizes the taste pleasure associated with the texture of the ingredients. Our products are suitable for the nutrition of pets (dogs and cats). In this way, insect protein is becoming a new natural, sustainable and responsible resource to meet the challenges of nutrition in this industry.


LaMeal powder, professional crushing, grinding and drying technology, not only makes it easier to add feed but also easier for animals to absorb. It does not take up space for transportation and is convenient for dealers and breeders to store. Mainly used as high-protein feed and feed additives for various aqua feed, farm feed, pet food, birds, etc.


LaOil is used in aquatic products, pet feed additives, food industry and cosmetics industry respectively. Feed grade can be mainly used as pet food oil and feed additive oil, which can completely replace fish oil. LaOil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and has strong antioxidant and sterilization capabilities.


LaFrass is an organic manure for the plants like vegetable and flower, feed additive for livestock,  LaFrass is a dried powder with many natural porosities and it is useful for the oxygen content, microecological balance and water conservation of the soil. The LaFrass is extreme dry without any smell. The frass contents crude organics 80.38%, crude protein 11%, nitrogen 3.97%, phosphorus 1.86%, potassium 2.66%, also its contents include seven trace elements of Zn, B, Mn, Mg and Cu, the carbon/nitrogen is 9.86.


LARVAL is established in 2021 and is the first largest company to start commercial insect-based food and feed in visakhapatnam, INDIA.We are the manufacturer of High-Protein insect based super food and feed. Our proposed capacity of 300 metric tons per month, 3,500 metric tons per year.We are looking forward for 50,000 metric tons globally by the end of 2026 with unique automatic vertical farming technology.


To be one of the leading company in providing best hygienic insect based food and feed to all our customers with best GMP practices with most advanced technology in least possible time and price.


To be one of the promising company recognised for providing sustainable, reliable, innovative, safe solutions to all the segments and also should know as the most respectable brand among customers, employees and in industry.


Integrity, safety, quality, productivity, dignity, teamwork these values & commitment to do for doing the right things in right way.

Sainadh K
(Co-founder & CMD)

A 2x entrepreneur, Sainadh K (MS IT – Australia) is the Co-founder of LARVAL (and currently its CMD), one of the leading Indian enterprises in insect-based nutrition solutions for food & feed. He is also the founder of the start-up Quick Wash Laundrette, which deals in services with pharma and FMCG sectors.

Mr Rasul, Co-founder & Director of Larval, pursued his MBA from Australian University and became a resident there. With his international exposure, he started his career in International Trade in Agri, Petfood and Metal commodities. He is currently engaged in development of Insect-based nutrition solutions in food and feed.

Khaja Nayub Rasul Sheik
(Co-founder & Director)

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