How To Become a Front-End Developer

Simplilearn offers a Front End Developer course that helps you sharpen your web development skills, which, of course, includes front end development. You will master the skills needed to create applications from the ground up and start your journey down one of the most rewarding and rapidly growing web development career paths. These coding languages are the essential building blocks for web and app development, so you need to learn them. There are lots of online resources available out there that can help further your education in the coding languages.

  • Additional knowledge of back-end coding languages is also a huge plus for any front-end web developer.
  • Additional benefits like high demand, high salaries, and job security make it even more lucrative as a profession.
  • I hope you understood the roadmap and the skills you need to master if you want to become a front end developer.
  • We provide services customized for your needs at every step of your learning journey to ensure your success.
  • You never know, it could eventually turn into a career for you.

This is one of those vital job skills that developers need to have but few actually talk about. JS frameworks (including Angular, Backbone, Ember, Vue.js, and React) give a ready-made structure to your JavaScript code. At the most basic level, JS is used to create and control things like maps that update in real time, interactive films, and online games. Sites like Pinterest use a lot of JavaScript to make their user interface easy to use (the fact that the page doesn’t reload whenever you pin something is thanks to JavaScript!). There are many ways to learn the skills and code you need for front-end development. You could do research on what the companies you want to work for use.


“A front-end engineer is someone that likes being at the intersection of art and logic,” says John, a Software Engineer at Smartsheet. You can find out more from John about what a front-end developer does in the video interview below. Knowing the frameworks and libraries will make you more attractive in the job market. The next step is to learn CSS, to set the layout of your web page with beautiful colors, fonts, and much more.

steps to become a front end developer

Using JavaScript in basic websites built using only HTML and CSS can work wonders in terms of functionality. No matter what the purpose is, when it comes to web development, whether frontend or backend, code is essential. Debugging is simply taking all of the “bugs” those tests uncover , putting on your detective hat to figure out why and how they’re happening, and fixing the problem. Different companies use slightly different processes for this, but if you’ve used one, you can adapt to others pretty easily.

Front End Web Development Skills

Under another scenario, where you haven’t established that background yet and the market is cooler, the road ahead could take several years. Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, and Zip Recruiter become a front end developer are all reputable sites where you can search for jobs. Staying on top of the status of applications you’ve submitted will be easier if you track them in a document.

Which language is mostly used in frontend?

The most extensively used Frontend Language is HTML, which is a markup language. HyperText Markup Language is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. It's a programming language that is used to make websites and web apps.

Knowing how to build a website is a very small part of the front-end puzzle. Combine that with a good book like Eloquent JavaScript, and you can up your programming game very quickly. Don’t forget to challenge yourself by building first responsive elements.

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It’s critical that you have prior expertise as a front-end developer. You’ll cover advanced JS subjects like callbacks, async, asynchronous nature, and more in the final parts of the course. You’ll be familiar with practically all JavaScript implementations in web development by the conclusion of the course. It will assist you in progressing to higher levels of front-end programming and incorporating new technologies like nodejs and React JS. One of the dangers of coding is that it might break if you make a minor change. Even if you try to fix the situation, things never seem to return to normal.

HTML is frequently the first language that developers learn, and it is essential for front-end development work. Begin with freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification and Beau Carnes’ brand new full HTML course. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, it is the skeleton of all web pages and applications as thier most basic building block. You use HTML to structure your page into elements such as paragraphs, sections, headings, navigation bars, and so on.

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