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What Is an Android App Developer? Your 2023 Career Guide

According to The Verge, there are over 3 billion active Android devices in the world. It may come as a surprise (especially if you are in the United States, where it seems like Apple devices are everywhere). Yet, Android dominates the smartphone market with nearly 73% market share. “Practice makes a man perfect” which tells the importance of continuous practice in any subject to learn anything. So keep practicing and read some Android tips such as Tips to Improve Your Android Development Skills, Tips to Get Your Android App Featured on Google Play Store, etc. Below is a complete diagrammatical representation of the Android Roadmap.

We have also listed down some free resources which you can use for the items listed in the image above. Also, you don’t need to go through all of them, just go through them and pick what you like. For example, you can check out The Coding Forums, where people can post their questions and receive answers about anything to do with code. Along with the API, get comfortable with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and download it. The SDK will have everything you need, from a code editor to an Android emulator, and even tools to test and debug your app.

What is Android Activity Life Cycle?

Using our career map, an android developer can determine their career goals through the career progression. For example, they could start out with a role such as senior android developer, progress to a title such as senior android developer and then eventually end up with the title senior android developer. Even if you’re working by yourself on a project, you’ll inevitably have to put heads together with others — like designers, marketers, or upper management — in the company or organization. Resources abound for Android developers to sharpen their skills and share tips and best practices. The basics of the XML syntax will be helpful in your journey to becoming a full-fledged Android developer in doing tasks like designing user interface (UI) layouts and parsing data feeds from the internet.

  • An Android developer usually needs at least a bachelor’s degree in a field such as computer science or computer engineering.
  • Two years ago, Google launched Android Basics in Kotlin, a course designed to give mobile-app developers the foundational knowledge necessary to build Android apps in Kotlin.
  • Now, the next question is why to choose the role of an Android Developer when you have so many other development job roles.
  • Now is the time to take everything you’ve learned and mastered, from Java to the API packages, and put it to the test.
  • An Android developer commonly gets their start in an entry-level engineering or developer position, such as junior software engineer.
  • Let’s see what are the major reasons to become an Android Developer.

Many of the apps in the Play Store are built with Kotlin and it is also the most supported language by Google. Kotlin also include Lot of new features and libraries that is not present in Java. Android developers enjoy the challenge of staying current with rapidly evolving technology and updates, allowing them to keep their skills sharp and remain at the forefront of innovation. Working with complex code and algorithms specific to Android systems provides a unique intellectual stimulation that can be both rewarding and fulfilling. When it’s this affordable, there’s almost no good reason not to add it to your resume.

iOS App Development Certification Training

The most basic building block of Android development is the programming language Java. To be a successful Android developer, you’ll need to be comfortable with Java concepts like loops, lists, variables, and control structures. The developers out there will definitely feel that the time invested in learning how to develop an Android application is comparatively less than what they invest in other technologies. Have the knowledge of Java and scripting languages like Perl, PHP, and the job is done. It can be beneficial to learn both Android and iOS development in order to develop applications for devices that use these operating systems. Aspiring developers may choose to prioritize one or the other depending on the type of development job they are seeking.

how to become an android developer

Having said that, we would love to hear your opinions and incorporate them in the roadmap if suitable. One job perk of being an Android app developer is the ability to freelance. As a freelancer, you can either work for one organization or agency on your own schedule or take on individual clients seeking help from an Android developer. But if the more stable route is your preferred option, you could work as a Junior Android Developer, an Android Developer, or a Lead Android Developer in a company full-time. There is an abundance of opportunity out there to become an Android developer with so many Android phones and tablets across the globe.

Trending Courses in Mobile Development

You’ll learn how to use this tree-like structure to create websites. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT, Software Development, and many other emerging technologies. In a country like India, location plays an important role in how much an Android developer earns. Location heavily influences the cost of living, which significantly affects salary determination. This explains, at least in part, why pay for equivalent occupations is typically greater in large cities than in more rural places.

how to become an android developer

Google declared Kotlin the preferred language of Android apps in 2019. Kotlin is an easier language to learn than Java, as it doesn’t have as much complexity or as many nuances, making it easier for developers to pick up. Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI. Quickly bring your app to life with less code, powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs. The intent of this guide is to give you an idea about the Android development landscape and to help guide your learning if you are confused. Before we start, please note that the roadmap is opinionated, and you might have different opinions than those of the author.

Learn Android development with online courses and programs

This also involves fixing bugs and reconstructing the performance of the application. Becoming an android app developer is a journey that presents you with hurdles and hassles. However, it is natural for every beginner to struggle during the learning process. What makes it easier is talking to the community about your pain points and struggles through your learning journey. You can try various platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, Meetup, or other local groups and seek help and know how other app developers go about their app development process to improve your ways.

how to become an android developer

For the languages, you can develop Android apps either by using Kotlin or Java. Another idea for experience is to find an entry-level position or an internship if you are just starting out with programming. If you are still looking for more information on Android app development, check out the Android for Developers site, your one-stop shop for everything in how to develop an Android app. The best way to learn Android is by developing some baby projects to some advanced projects. Now the questions arise are, Why Android(Decide the Goal First?), how to start? Do you need to learn all the concepts from a book or you should go with some online tutorials or you should learn Android by doing some projects on it?

Understand the Android Application Lifecycle

With the right courses, you can start a successful career as an android developer. This Full Stack Java Developer Program is designed to give you the essence of front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies. Android is constantly evolving, which means you can never stop learning.

Like any other skill, Android development takes practice and hard work to learn. A learner’s ability to develop this skill may depend on educational background, level of experience with computer science, and other factors. The table below displays the salary variation for an Android developer in India based on geographical location. All figures are linked with India’s overall average salary for Android developers. Google also offers courses for building your Android apps in Java, and that’s in addition to the enormous number of tutorials and documentation out there about Java development.

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